Wellness Hero creates Infused QI GONG!

Qi Gong for Life with the Wellness Hero.

QiGong (chee-gung) is an ancient Chinese science and art, developed centuries ago. It is the science of cultivating our Life Force (Qi) through specific practices, and then the art of applying this energy in service of the greater good (gong). Shaolin monks have long incorporated Qigong into their daily living. Now days, it is practiced by many diverse peoples across the world, to develop one‘s body, mind and spirit.

Qi” is the Chinese word that defines the energy of being. All of nature pulsates with it. Human beings, animals, fish, birds and insects along with all the flowers, trees, mountains and seas of the earth manifest Qi. The elements of heaven, thunder, lightning, wind and fire share Qi. It is the common language of the universe, uniting and binding all things together.

Wellness Hero Instructs Qi Gong Internationally!!!
“Qigong” means the study and practice of accumulating Qi, balancing Qi, and coordinating the flow of Qi to maintain health and well-being. The practice of Qi Gong can result in an increased sense of awareness, improved posture, balance, and inner peace. A little known facet of Qigong is the ability to activate “acupoints” in the mind – without physically touching them with anything but the mind’s awareness and focus! By learning and practicing Qigong you can learn to deal with any emotion (anger, anxiety, grief, etc.) in an “energy” way. There are thousands of Qi Gong practices. In general there are two categories: Quiescent & Dynamic. The first is characterized by little-to-no movement and is quite meditative; the latter is characterized by movement. A particular sub-category to dynamic Qi Gong would be termed Tai Chi Qi Gong. In this type of dynamic Qi Gong, all movements are done using Tai Chi Principles with unity of movement.


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