Who is the Wellness Hero and creator of the WTF Education Series

Brian Lucchesi is the Wellness Hero brand and author of Wellness Truth Finally: Divine DNA Education. Connecting Spiritual Health with all the dimensions of personal wellness allow anyone to raise their vibrational frequency INSTANTANEOUSLY! . Using DNA Programming, Reiki Holy Fire & Qi Gong energy healing modalities, the infusion of SOURCE LOVE is at the center of all the Wellness Hero content.  Brian shares and connect others to create EASE within, through and around the body. Part of the Wellness Truth Finally Series is  live video broadcasts on youtube called: Wellness Wed Wisdom Channeling and Frequency Friday Qi Gong, both are found here: Frequency Friday Qi Gong Videos

Wellness Wed Wisdom Channelings

He is also the creator of the Wellness Truth Finally (WTF) Education Series that supports self empowerment through results based positive behavior change process on the quantum energy field level. The Wellness Hero has created a change for life process with an abundance of actionable information. His life is rooted in Integrity and a honorable code of ethics that is always aligned with a higher path. Truth of sacred knowledge is practice with the greatest RESPECT. Ancient protocols are followed through auditory, visual and spiritual modern activation steps. What happens from my created healing education content is a profound shift on personal understanding on what TRUE health is and how to achieve it. Gratitude of Love and Light with Laughter to ALL, Nameste.

Increase your ENERGY here!


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