Gratitude of Love Blessing for sharing and caring.

I am grateful and blessed to share the following names, as I am honored to list those who supported:

The Healing Journey of Love:

Dick & Sue Lucchesi, Carrie Sykes, Rachel Wood, Beky Hurtle, Sarah Heiermann-Walker, Shawna Lusk, Kerry Hughes, Susanne Bartz, Frank Heiermann, Jennifer Ashbough, Katherine & Ben Davidson, Alif Sajan & Mary Lou Golojuch.

A special final healing blessing was created during March 2015’s Full Micro Moon.  With Spring (Vernal Equinox) almost upon us in the northern hemisphere, much new opportunity is here.  Personal growth, planting new seeds for further down the line in 2015, allowing the old to be let go of (healing) and springing into action for NEW CREATIONS!  It was a powerful ceremony that Mary Ruth & Tristan were apart of & we are all honored to share this final healing blessing.  The Energy is already around you and with you….

Thank you for your time, energy & donation, without your contribution to support this Healing Journey of Love (which turned out to be much more than just a road trip sharing a family connection of LOVE) powered by solar panels on the roof)  it would not have been possible.  We are forever honroed for your support and know you helped create an amazing vibration that ultimately

Here are some opportunities to further connect during Spring 2015:

World Water Day @ Port of Rochester! Wellness Heros Unify #LoveWater

Sunday, Mar 22, 2015, 3:00 PM

The Port of Rochester Terminal Building
1000 N. River Street Rochester, NY

7 Wellness Heros Went

Details of EVENT on March 22nd in Rochester Water Day Info:

Check out this Meetup →


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